How to Not Get Scammed When Purchasing a New Pitbull Puppy

Article written by A to Z dog

Scammers continue to plague the net, don’t fall victim to their plot.


If you are looking to find pitbull puppies for sale, then this article will help you start your journey off on the right foot – by avoiding all potential scams.


When you are looking for a puppy, it’s easy to find an advertisement that is a scam on the Internet. Scammers tend to advertise dogs that they don’t even own and use wordplay on their sales page to lure customers into handing over their money. Sadly, there are even kennels that will actually scam you also. Just because they’re an established business, doesn’t mean they can cut corners on the sales process.


Obtain Everything in Person


Be sure to pick up the puppy in person with cash (if possible). If not, you can also use a credit card or PayPal, as they can refund fraudulent purchases. It’s important that you obtain the pup’s registration papers in hand when you pick up the puppy. Don’t let them “send it in the mail”. It’s an old trick that ends up with you not receiving anything. For further security, tell the breeder to send you clear images of the sire and dam’s registration papers – you can also request pictures of the puppy as well. If they aren’t hiding anything, then they should oblige with a potential sale.


Scams Occur On a Regular Basis


Many people have fallen victim to a scam because they weren’t prepared to be double-crossed. Kennels that advertise “blue nose pitbull puppies for sale” and have stock images portraying the puppy is pretty obvious to spot out, but not for everyone. As said before, these scammers know what they’re doing. The best way to ensure that you are receiving a legitimate purchase is to triple-check everything that they do. Also, be on the lookout for customer reviews. If someone was scammed, you’d best believe that they’d let the rest of the Internet know.


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