Tips on Training a Pitbull at a Young Age

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Puppies yearn for both attention and nurturing. By being a positive role model, you’ll help break them into proper behavioral habits.

puppy-trainingIf you are looking into the many blue nose pitbull puppies for sale, then you’re also looking to find one of the most loyal and endearing dog breeds that you’ll ever find. However, as a pup, they require the proper guidance and training to bring out the best in themselves. You, as the owner, must take on that role when they are younger in order to maximize their potential and wellness.

Choose a Collar

The first thing you’ll need to do with blue nose pitbull puppies is fit them with a collar. They have wide and thick necks, so be sure that your collar is wide enough to wrap around without causing injury or discomfort. At first, they’ll most likely try to get out of it. But, by praising him and giving him treats upon good behavior, he will eventually learn to leave it alone.

Routine Feeding Schedule

Next, you’ll want to set up a regular feeding schedule. Feeding your pitbull at the same times will help you determine when he will need to go out to potty. Be sure to take your puppy out regularly and often to housebreak him. It also helps to take him to the same potty area so he becomes familiar with where he can relieve himself. Remember to be diligent when taking him outside. In the morning and after every meal is when your puppy will need to go the most. Through this repetition, your pitbull will familiarize himself with the right and wrong places to go.

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